Semi Official First Thoughts from the Tweetress

Gird your loins, internet!  The Sassy Tweetress will be launching her blog soon!  Prepare to learn (and laugh) on how to do social media right. I'll share my perspective of good (and not so good) examples.  Along with that, I'll share insights, opportunities and actionable next steps that will help grow your understanding and knowledge.  Anyone can say they are an "expert" "ninja" "guru" or "wizard".  What makes me different?  I was in the actual trenches; creating content, working with agencies, partnering with multiple functions and teams. I was responding to people just like you, every day.  I GET IT.  Ultimately, this blog and website won't be just for me to criticize or praise, but will actually be constructive and educational so you will walk away learning something.

One quick and final reminder: whatever you blog, tweet, post, vlog, reddit or comment, just because you deleted it doesn't mean its really gone. The internet is forever. To help keep your personal brand safe and intact, remember my golden phrase of wisdom:

Think like a troll; Act like a brand.