My first OFFICIAL Blog Entry.....

Social Media Marketing.... Such a daunting topic and because of my former corporate ninja gig, I lived it, breathed it and became entrenched in it every day for four years.  It became second nature, inherent to my being and fused into my DNA. I was in the thick of it, armed with an array of talented individuals who were well versed in the art of social.  I was privy to budgets that would rival that of any Kardashian shoe or spanx budget.  And I had SUPPORT. Lots and lots and lots of support and resources.  It took a village to talk about toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissues and men's razors.. Go figure.

As I venture into the world of being my own boss and this entrepreneurial journey, it became painfully clear that I have my work cut out for me.  Not in the sense that there aren't smart, talented and very capable businesses that need my expertise, but more on how little has been shared with in terms of basic fundamentals.  It's like Social Media Marketing was a super small, tight and exclusive club that was only for big brands and influencers.  Small businesses are left outside the velvet rope, hoping they are cool or smart enough to get in.  I am here to change that.

I was fortunate to give a workshop to small businesses from the Over The Rhine area in Cincinnati, hosted by the Over The Rhine Chamber of Commerce.  The businesses that attended were diverse but they all shared the same desire:  THEY WANT TO LEARN  HOW TO BETTER LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THEIR BUSINESS.

As I continue to grow, I want to make sure that everyone I connect with understands my main objective: to empower small businesses, bloggers and individuals with big business strategy, thinking and process.  Social Media is no longer the unwanted party guest that everyone begrudgingly invites to the party.  Social Media IS the party.  We are simply her guest and how we decide to participate is on us. (Yes, Social Media is a woman. Why? Because I said so.)

It doesn't matter if you are a restaurant, consultant, lawyer, interior decorator, accountant, personal trainer, blogger, retail store or childcare provider; social media can be used EFFECTIVELY by EVERYONE.  It all boils down to thoughtfully and cognizantly making choices on your social tone of voice, social brand equity, platforms and content.  Making sure you understand all of those components, coupled with engaging content, enables your business to succeed.

I want to spread the gospel of GOOD social media.  It's no longer "just post something on facebook and we're done" but a holistic, carefully constructed overall plan and strategy.  Many people think that a simple post or tweet is enough.  Nope.  Does it build your brand?  Does it offer value to your community and consumers?  Does it create and build brand affinity?  Or are you just tweeting or posting into the void; letting your content get lost because you don't fully understand the platform and it's audience?

I loved connecting with the attendees of my workshop.  I hope I was able to shed a little bit of light on how they could better leverage social.  Even though it was a million degrees inside (ok, not really, but I was sweating like it was) I thoroughly enjoyed interacting and empowering the audience.  

Ultimately, it's about theory AND practice.  My big takeaway and tip in today's blog:  Become an ACTIVE USER of these platforms.  Knowing them enables you to FULLY understand the experience from the other side. The consumer side. The side that matters most.