Gird your loins! I'm speaking at Blog Elevated 2015!

As a start this journey of working for myself and navigating the insanely scary road that is being an entrepreneur, I realize that I have a daunting but amazing opportunity ahead of me.  I've been asked how I am handling the transition of going from the corporate, cushy gig that was a social media manager at P&G to the terrifying unknown that is freelance consulting.  BUT, the reward of making my own success and EMPOWERING others achieve it is far more satisfying and fulfilling than anything I could have done elsewhere.

Speaking of empowering others, I can't wait for the opportunity to do it at the 2015 Blog Elevated Conference.  I was fortunate enough to share my knowledge at last year's awesome conference about creating cheeky, charming content.  Talk about a life changing experience. Speaking here planted that seed of wanting to spread my wings.  I saw so many women and men taking huge leaps of faith and going after their dreams.  They were putting themselves out there, and I loved how they were investing in THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN success.  This was my very FIRST speaking gig, so to say I was nervous was the understatement of the year.  Before the speech, I listened to Beyonce's Flawless, mindlessly walking back and forth in my 4 inch heels, trying to channel the power that is Queen Bey. (Who said you can't look fabulous while speaking? And yes, they noticed. And yes, they were impressed.)  As I started speaking, I realized I was CONNECTING with the audience.  They were listening, engaging, writing.... It was almost an out of body experience.  I was IMPACTING them. Their energy and thirst for learning more was feeding my energy. I was there helping them, encouraging them, guiding them. And let me tell you something... It felt GOOD.

Once I went solo, this was the first group I reached out to.  I had such a positive experience that I wanted to do it again.  I reached out the fabulous creators of the conference, pretty much begging them to let me speak again.  THIS was my audience and demographic.  My business is modeled on taking BIG brand thinking and strategy and reapplying it for small business owners and bloggers.  There is NO reason why others can't benefit from my amazing 8 years of learning from some of the best marketers and brands in the world.  

Opening your own business is crazy scary.  My sister in law is in the midst of opening a new Toy Store in Atlanta.  I see first hand all the choices, decisions and barriers you have to encounter.  It's no wonder that social media can take a back seat when you are faced with building permits, paperwork, contractors, lawyers, budgeting and anything else you can think of.  BUT, social media is so important in today's business world.  That's where I come in.

So often, a small business owner wears 47 different hats.  To add one that is as mercurial and ever changing as social media is daunting, especially when you're not familiar with it.  I want to help change that.  Social and digital is changing the face of entrepreneurship and fast becoming a HUGE , positive game changer in your success.  Leveraging the power of social can boost awareness, amplify your message and help get the word out.  By default, we are creatures that want to share.  Why wouldn't you want to harness that power?

So, as I put the final touches on my presentation (Super Social Strategery... I love that word!) I remind every person starting a new endeavor to take the time to INVEST in your business and yourself.  Just because you aren't a billion dollar brand doesn't mean you can't treat yourself like one.  Give yourself the opportunity to learn and leverage the possibilities.  Don't negate or undervalue yourself or your budding business.  Create a STRONG strong foundation and digital legacy that you can be proud of.  Be proactive in your holistic marketing instead of playing catch up.  By taking the time early on, you will craft a community that will be there from day one.  These will become your biggest advocates, cheerleaders and evangelists.  Don't become a victim of "afterthought" mentality and tacking it on later.  What's that old saying?? Oh yes, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Let me help you be that ounce.

So, take a moment, visit the Blog Elevated site.  Support small and local businesses. Support and encourage others that are starting a new entrepreneurial journey.  And remember, think, treat and INVEST in yourself and your brand like a billion dollar business.  Who knows, with some hard work and effort, you could actually become one.