Shamelessly plugging our SXSW Panel Submission.. (Or to quote TLC, I ain't too proud to beg)

It's that time folks!  Your facebook feed is probably being drowned with calls for help, tweets directly asking you for a HUGE favor... No, i'm not talking about that glorious time of the year called Back To School. I'm talking about the SXSW (South by Southwest, for the uninitiated) Panel Picker Voting period! Gird your mental loins, because this entry is basically asking for your support and why you should vote for us.

My time at Charmin (and Bounty, Puffs & Gillette) afforded me the amazing opportunity to work directly in the trenches of social media.  I have earned my stripes tenfold, answering tweets from consumers, creating content and crafting social strategy.  It also gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing people who work and are passionate about our discipline.  Three of these people I am not only fortunate and grateful to call dear friends, but also Panel Mates.  (Side note, there should totally be a reality mini series made about four, ahem, unnamed SXSW panelists and their trials and tribulations on getting to Austin.. O.M.G.  I can see the drama now.. )

Our topic at SXSW 2015 was called "Redefining Realness for Brands on Twitter" and was extremely well received by the audience and participants.  Even with having it on the LAST day of SXSW interactive and a nice little hike away from the Austin Convention Center, we still packed them in. (Not going to lie, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw more than ten people there that were NOT our friends) Our panel was fun, relevant, informative and most of all, HELPFUL, if I do say so myself.  The audience participation also highlighted the need and hunger for basic, foundational panel sessions.  

I'm so excited to announce that we are banding together again! This year's submission is titled "Think Like a Troll, Act Like a Brand".  Now, if you follow my blog, site or even REMOTELY know me, you are VERY familiar with this phrase.  I have used it countless times when talking about social media. Quite frankly, and with no pun intended, this line of thinking has saved my (and my brand's) butt many times.

Why did we choose this topic, you ask?  Well, the rise of the troll and the hater-ade they bring to social media is rapidly gaining momentum.  Everyone has met and/or dealt with a troll.  And if you haven't, you clearly aren't on the same internet the rest of the human population is on.  We felt the topic is incredibly relevant, especially as brands continue to chime in with real time marketing tweets, memes and what they may think is a clever joke on a trending topic.  

We want our panel to bring a provocative YET informative conversation to SXSW.  We want to help guide those who aren't as familiar with trolls to spot the signs, understand their way of thinking, their possible motives and tips on how to handle them (or not) head on.  We will blend the major points from last year's panel and take it up a notch.  Social is in a constant state of flux, and even the most seasoned of professionals acknowledge they are learning and honing their skills and savvy every day. (and if they say they aren't, DON'T HIRE THEM)

So today's blog entry is a shameless ask for votes.  While it's only 30% of the overall panel picking process, it's incredibly important.  And you all know, SXSW is a HUGE deal for me. Voting ends September 4th, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, vote and share like cray cray.

Here are the links you will need to vote! (and a few others, too!)

To vote for our Panel,  click here: (If you need help voting or have questions about the voting/login process, email or tweet me!)

Also, check out Christina Warren, my fellow panel member and incredible friend's EXCELLENT podcast, Rocket.  If you are techy, geeky, nerdy or just love everything in between, give it a listen, starting with the episode that highlights our panel submission.

Also, I can't mention Christina without throwing some massive love and links to my other two panel bae's, the UNBREAKABLE John Colucci and the Original Queen B herself, Bianca Buckridee.

So finally, for the love of all things social and holy and necessary, PLEASE VOTE.  I promise you, the panel will be incredibly helpful and interactive and engaging and FUN, not some bait and switch gimmick panel that we all fall prey to during SXSW. Besides, do you really want to deprive me the opportunity to help others with their social? (AND the chance for new shoes and a dress???)

Wishing you a day of love, laughs and sass...

The Sassy Tweetress.