Guest Blogger: The Wheelchair Mommy & Blog Elevated Recap!

Sassy Editor's Note: Below is an entry from Priscilla Hedlin, unedited and exactly as it was given to me.  I had no editorial input or control as I want members of my Council of Awesome to feel free to express themselves.  Please make sure to visit Priscilla's blog Here.


I met Marie at Blog Elevated in 2014 and we immediately became friends. I was thrilled to find out my Sassy bestie was coming back to Texas to talk to everyone about Social Strategy. If there is one thing Marie is good at, it's how to be a social media rockstar, all while eating bacon and rocking the Louboutins. 

If you are a blogger you are aware that social media is always changing. It's not easy to navigate. If know your purpose and your long term vision, it will be much easier to put a plan together so you can figure out each and every platform. Yes, you need a plan.

My biggest takeaways from the session were to WRITE IT DOWN, spend money (at $1) because yes you are worth it, and you need to know how you are going to get out of hot water. Most importantly you need to STOP using social media to tell your story. You should only use social media to spread your story.

Last month when I chopped ALL my hair I announced it on instagram and Facebook first. BAD MOVE. I should have vague-posted and directed everyone to The Wheelchair Mommy. I did eventually write a post, two days later and there was tons of traffic to it. Imagine if I had used it for the drastic announcement? Lesson learned.

I was periscoping the session so my mind was paying more attention to the screen than Marie so I asked fellow attendees to share what their biggest takeaway was. It's always interesting to see what everyone finds to be the most important part of a session and the refresher helps everything to stick. 

  • "Doing only one new thing at a time!" Lisa S. from Retro Housewife Goes Green.
  • "There's a more detailed way to say how & why, but overall there was just a ton of extremely motivational and applicable points being made in favor of making everything you do purposeful and beneficial to your brand (from your content strategy, to what platforms you use and why)." Ashley J from Suite6Ten
  • "Think like a Troll. Act like a Brand." Amanda M. from Mommy Go Run.
  • "Everything drives back to the mother ship!" Jessica B. From UnProcessedJess (coming soon!!).
  • "Have a social media crisis plan... Even if you don't think you need one because surely no one could complain about beachy content, right? An eye opener once she put it into perspective, need to get a plan together." Tiffany K. from ArtSeaChic.
  • "WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! Having your mission, goals, image of your brand, etc written out make you accountable for them and helps to keep you focused on your brand." Kaleigh M. from Lively Table.
  • "A subtle takeaway was: if you have great content and share it with spunk and enthusiasm, people engage, remember and follow more. (She didn't say this, but she DID this. Totally a takeaway through her behavior modeling!) AND List 5 things you are and 5 things you AREN'T. Both are super important."  Bon C. from Math Four.
  • "You are worth investing in. Set a budget even if it's just $1." Lisa S. from Blog Elevated
  • "You are a brand." Kim K. from Road Kill GoldFish.
  • "I would echo that the blog is home ship. I am personally struggling with parlaying my growing social media audience into page views." Traci S. from A Star in my Own Universe.